Armbar From The Guard, Low Variation - Create Just Enough Space!

Ok, let's just back up a second, to get some perspective. They punched at your face - you clinched them. They try to break out of your clinch by scooting their hips back - you pull Guard. You have them in Stage 1 of the Guard - great!

Now that you're there, there are a lot of things that can happen. One is that they bring their arms on the inside to choke you! They are doing this while you have them in Stage 1, where their head and body are low. 
So this is where we do the Low Variation of the Armbar from the Guard. 
Bring your left arm (the one that had the arm wrap from Stage 1) around the back of their neck. Swim the right arm (the one that had the head control from Stage 1) down to hook onto their leg. Rotate your body about 90 degrees to the right, like a turtle spinning on its shell. Get your right leg up underneath their arm. TAKE YOUR LEFT HAND AND GRAB ONTO THEIR RIGHT SHOULDER AND PUSH UPWARD ON THEIR NECK WITH YOUR FOREARM- this will create space to then bring your left leg around and bite down on the back of their neck and at the same time, grab their right wrist with your left hand. 
Pull out your right hand that had hooked onto their leg, and grab their right wrist, so now both your hands should be grabbing their right arm.
And then finally, clamp down with your legs, bridge your hips up, and pull their arm downward all at once, for the break. 

As the partner, make sure you tap when you feel the pressure on your elbow joint!!

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