Fish Hook Elbow Escape

This technique requires that you know how to do the Elbow Escape. If you do, then great! Keep reading. If know what you need to do!

So, once again, you did not intend for it to happen, but it did - you got mounted by the attacker. You tried to Trap and Roll them off, but their arm was to stiff to grab. You tried to push their leg down and pop your knee out for a standard Elbow Escape, but their leg is too stiff!

This is when you need the Fish Hook variation of the Elbow Escape! What you have to do is take your right leg over your left, insert your toes/foot under their ankle. You see, there is a SPACE there, and in that space, you insert your foot. 

Once your foot is there, then you lift their leg with yours, while you push down on their thigh, and pop your left knee out of there. 

And that's it! That's what makes the Fish Hook! After that, it is all standard Elbow Escape steps. Trap the leg, hug the neck, push off of their other thigh while shrimping to get your other knee out, your leg on their back, post the knee out's foot to shrimp the other way, and wrap your leg around and put them into Stage 1. (Again, If what I just said didn't make sense, then you really do need to go back and study the main Elbow Escape video)

This is a sneaky move, that is all based on feel. You literally cannot see what is going on. Practice this, and you'll develop the sensitivity to know which Elbow Escape to use.

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