Elbow Escape - The Art of Squirming! ;)

You didn't intend for it to happen, but it did. You got mounted. The attacker got on top of you. You try to go for the trap and roll, that is, the escape from punches technique from being mounted, but, it doesn't work!!

This is when you need the Elbow Escape. If you are unable to roll them off, then put them in your Guard. The Guard is a very valuable position, because there are so many things we can do both defensively and offensively from there.

So in order to do the Elbow Escape, you need to know how to "shrimp". All that is, is putting one foot on the ground, and scooting your hips/bottom in that direction, by pushing off of that foot.

First, we hug their back, keep our head in, staying safe from punches, and attempt to wrap their arm. They stiffen their arm, making it unwrappable.
Second, we flatten our left leg, and then push down on their thigh as we pop our left knee outward. Keep that left leg connected to the ground while you do this.
Third, our left leg goes over their leg, and traps it.
Fourth, our left arm comes upward, almost as if to slick your hair/head back, and wraps around the back of their neck, to hold them down (remember, if they can sit up, they can punch you, so hold them down!).
Fifth, with your left foot, make sure it posts to the ground, and while you push on their knee/leg with your right hand, shrimp your bottom to the left, and pop your right knee out (just the knee, don't worry about the whole leg, yet).
Sixth, put your left leg on their back. This will prevent them from trying to get up and attempt to cross/side mount you. 
Seventh, now post your right foot on the ground, and shrimp your bottom to the right.
Eighth, now you've created the space to bring your right leg around, to cross ankles with your left leg, and with that, you control their head and arm to put them into Stage 1 of the Guard.


That was a lot of steps! Take your time with this one. 8 steps, and within each steps, sometimes there are multiple things you have to do. The skill you develop from learning the Elbow Escape will transfer to other techniques, so you are definitely developing a foundation that you will build off of for future self defense techniques.

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