Trap & Roll Against a Mounted Choke!

In a fight, the goal is to get the top position once the fight goes to the ground. The problem is that things don't always go according to plan. Against a larger attacker, you are likely to end up on the bottom of the mount position, which is the worst place you can get stuck in a fight. From this position, the attacker can strangle you, and you cannot effectively strike back. You will most likely panic, and flail around and exhaust yourself. 

The Trap and Roll technique is a simple and reliable way to remove your opponent from being on top of you. 

So, your opponent chokes your neck. Make sure to trap their hand, arm, and leg all at once. Bridge your hips high, roll over your shoulder, and bring your knees underneath you. The most common error is too roll sideways, instead of keeping the bridge up as you roll (which will send you to an angle.

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