Triangle Choke


The Triangle Choke! This is an amazing technique! You are literally choking someone out with your legs! What could be better?! lol So, this video covers the Triangle Choke from a specific context. It is when the opponent is inside your guard (ie in between your legs), and you have a head and arm control position. They find that, because they are bigger, heavier, and stronger, that they could just drive forward and bear their weight down on you. I call this the Heavy Chest version of the Triangle Choke. Sometimes it is referred to as the Giant Killer Triangle Choke.

The strategy to get their weight off of you is remarkably simple: Simply squeeze your thighs, pull them back, and push with both hands the side of their head!! And VOILA! Their weight it is off of you!

Now that you've solved that, it's time to get them to give up, or get rendered unconscious, or worse. As they come towards you, put your feet on their hip flexors and grab their arm that is reaching for you. Hold them there, and when you feel that they are really driving forward:

-Hike your right leg back
-Bring your right leg over their shoulder
-Cross your ankles -Bridge your hips upward, stay connected like glue
-Bring your arms forward and apart to block punches
-Wait for them to calm down
-Once they calm down, bridge your hips up, and scoop their right arm across your body.
-Grab onto it with both hands, like you're riding a bicycle.
-Keep the right hand on their wrist, and left hand on the back of their head (so they can't posture up) -Detach your left leg, and place your foot on their hip and wiggle back
-As you wiggle back, attach the back of your right knee to the side of their neck, as flush as you can get it.
-Have your left hand grab your right ankle, and pull towards your face
-Take your left leg and bend the back of the knee over your right ankle, replacing your left hand.
-Take both hands and put it on the back of your opponents head.
-Apply 3 points of pressure - squeeze your thighs, bridge your hips up, pull their head down with your hands, all simultaneously.

And that is the Triangle Choke! There are ethical considerations with this move. 7-10 seconds can leave them unconscious, 30 seconds can lead to permanent brain damage, and 60+ seconds could be fatal. Exercise good judgement if you ever have to use it. I disclaim any responsibility from your actions with this technique. You are at your own risk if you try this move.

In the early UFC fights, you can see Royce Gracie defeat wrestler Dan Severn with this technique. But never mind about the world of sport fighting. This is a legitimately strong self defense tool that can serve as an equalizer. No matter how big or tough they are, everybody passes out when choked.

This technique does have quite a few steps to it, so it requires some extra time and effort in order to understand it and develop proficiency with it. Take it slow, step by step. Be the attacker, also, and let your partner do it on you. You'll have a better understanding of all the details when you understand both roles. Then once you have it down, you can connect this to other moves!

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