Pulling Guard

This is an incredible self defense technique. Pulling Guard is a strategy where you pull someone down, literally in between your legs, and cross your legs over their back, and control their head and arm. It is only effective if you know the value of the guard, of course. So, the guard is a very unique idea in self defense. Generally speaking, if you are on the bottom of a fight, meaning, someone is on top of you, it means you are losing, and the top person has the upper hand. The guard, however, negates this idea. You can be on the bottom of the fight and win, if they are in between your legs! So from the guard, you can:
-Block Punches
-Submit them with locks and chokes
-Sweep them/knock them down
-Take their back

So in this video, we teach you how to pull guard after you have established the clinch, and they are trying to break out of it by pushing off your shoulders, and moving their butt back. Your hands instantly come under their arms and hook over their shoulders. This move is appropriately called "underhooks". After you have the underhooks, you do have to step up with both feet. Then you squat, and shoot your self backwards. Keep holding those underhooks and keep your head up, let them go crazy and exhaust their energy. Eventually, they will slow down and stop, and as they sit up, you get them into head and arm control position by wrapping around their neck first (so they can't posture up), and then wrap their arm. And voila! They are now in your trap! From here, depending on what they do, or don't do - all of which are predictable, we have a response, and I will cover each of those in upcoming vlogs. For now, let's train this pulling guard technique, and get proficient with it.

Oh, and if you've not trained how to do the clinch, you must go back and learn that first, otherwise, this doesn't make much sense.

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