Figure 4 Lock Submission Technique

It's time to end this fight, and gain full compliance from the attacker. You've neutralized the attack by clinching, and taking them to the ground, you've neutralized all of their attempts to get you off of them, but yet, they are still not complying, so now we need to end this fight and gain compliance from them.

Since we just did Hooks and Hands, we are perfectly set up for the Neck Hug Figure 4 Lock. It's also sometimes known as The American Key Lock, or The Americana.

In this particular variation, we keep in our leg hook and neck hug. With the other hand (that was the posting arm) starts punching them on the ear. We are not necessarily punching to cause damage, although if we do, it is a self defense situation. But our goal is for them to raise their arm up to protect their ear/head. When they do, we pin that raised arm (with our hand that was punching) to the ground, we feed to to the other hand (who's arm is currently wrapped around the back of their neck). We then take the once punching hand, bring it under their tricep/bicep area, and grab onto OUR OWN wrist.

Now, from there, this part is very important, in order to make the technique work. You must un-loop your neck hug arm from around their neck, and land it right next to their head. 

Now you're ready to do the submission. Turn your face away, so they can't eye gouge you. Press their arm into the ground, pull their arm down (with your hands), while you lift their elbow up with your forearm. This will cause a shoulder dislocation/torn rotator cuff. They will be forced to give up.

Hold them their until you gain compliance. 

When practicing with partners, please make sure your partner taps on you to release. And of course, make sure to respect the tap, and release them.

This is a fantastic and quick submission technique that allows you to still maintain control with the leg hook. I say this because some submissions require you to momentarily transition out of a control mechanism in order to make the give up through pain compliance.

Be sure to really drive your hip into them on the side of your leg hook, that way they cannot roll you off. 

Have fun with this one, it's really effective!

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