Hooks & Hands! Keep the Mount!

So now that you've gotten the mount by perhaps a Leg Hook Take Down, you have to keep the mount. They may try to push you side to side to roll you off. Remember, they are bigger, stronger, heavier, more athletic, and crazy aggressive! So using your hooks and hands is a good way to keep the mount position in just such a case.

The "hooks" refers to your leg hooking inside theirs. The key to this is to drive your hip pressure downward. That leg that does the hook, the same side arm wraps around the back of their neck, while the other hand posts out. Your attacker will feel like you weigh 300 lbs! When they push from the other side, you simply switch everything to the other side (leg hook, neck wrap, and posting arm)

Honestly, changing the posting out arm and the neck hug is not all that necessary. You could keep that in one position, and just let your leg hook do the work, if they push from one side then the other. The arms/hands are basically reinforcements.

But, to train mobility, lets go ahead and drill everything changing when you get pushed from the other side. 

maxresdefault (7).jpg

Talk about getting comfortable with the closeness! I realize that this might be a little uncomfortable to do at first because of how close you are with your partner, however, when you have your partner legitimately try to push you off, HARD, you will very quickly be grateful for this technique because it just works! 

From here, the attacker might not know what to do, and might just give up!! In UFC 1, Royce Gracie defeated Art JImmerson by simply mounting him! No Ground & Pound, no submission, just by trapping him in the mount position!

So drill this mount control position well. It addresses  one of the many predictable things people will do when you get on top of them.

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