Kids Training to Punch Hard to Build Self!

In our style of Kung-Fu, Choy Lay Fut, it is a very hand-striking oriented art. There is a huge focus on developing full body power behind every strike. Historically, every strike was designed to overwhelm and incapacitate the opponent.

Honestly, it is a pretty violent art. Historically, it was not meant to restrain the opponent. It was meant to literally destroy.

But that is not the philosophy we are operating under. Yes, while we are working on maximizing our power generation for each move, and hitting as hard as we possibly can, we are doing this from the mindset of building our power potential, We do it from a growth mindset. Doing the moves, drills and training to build ourselves, not necessarily to destroy others.

When kids discover their power, there is an unshakeable confidence that comes with that. This sense of self is the most important mental aspect we can help kids develop.

We do look at combat situations, but when we do, we’ll actually shift into incorporating Jiu Jitsu, so that they may have a slightly less violent approach towards self defense against an attacker.

But the power kids develop with their strikes, they can imagine that if they landed that on someone, it would do damage, and we make them aware of it.

Our whole focus though is to build your power to build yourself. How hard can you hit the target? We use target paddles that clap, that gives them an audible indication of how effective their power and aim was.

Our moves are very traditional, But our philosophy, perspective, mindset, and attitude towards has evolved into a mode of production as opposed to destruction.