Quotes From Our Kung-Fu Kids!

Six of our kids, who have been with us for a few years shared some of their thoughts of what they think about the Kung-Fu training process. This was an impromptu question we asked, to get the most honest response they could give us! Here’s what they said:

Kid #1 - I like to practice because it pushes me past my limits.

Kid #2 - It gives me a very strong focus, which I like!

Kid #3 - I love the fact that the training is self-guided.

Kid #4 - It makes me feel more energized. Before class I’m really lazy, after class, I have a lot of energy.

kid #5 - I like that I can use it for love and courage, and not out of hate.

Kid #6 - It makes me feel strong and that makes me happy.

Kid #6 - It feels good to do the moves - they are fun!