Kids Believing In Themselves

It’s one thing to do Kung-Fu techniques. It’s another thing completely when you put your mind-body-spirit-heart into each move!

This requires a sense of believing in oneself. We realize that sometimes it takes a little extra motivation and encouragement from coaches, parents, and even peers to give it our 100%.

This is not limited to children! Adults need this, too! Sometimes all it takes is, “You’re doing great, keep it up!!”

This sense of self, the belief in self that enables us to access all of our resources to give our best effort - it takes intentional practice. The more you do it, the more natural it will be to bring it out.

We believe children have the ability to push past their comfort zones, and reach levels they never knew was possible - with the right type of coaching, of course.

This idea of always trying your best, no matter what, is a builder of self esteem. It’s wonderful when children already have it. That’s easy. But when children don’t have it, this is where we as coaches are tested with our ability to engage students, and get them to make an inch of progress, and celebrate even the most modest of successes.

In a culture where we see idealized lifestyles on social media sites like Instagram, it is very easy to get into a mindset that we are not good enough, compared to the perfection we see of people’s lives on social media. We are very adamant on kids coming to our classes, and feel our connection and commitment to them. We want them to build their sense of self, and focus on achieving and improving, and take on a “growth mindset”.

This underlies one of our core mindsets behind our kids Kung-Fu classes.