How to Escape a Shirt Grab Against a Wall

Self Defense - How To Escape A Shirt Grab Against a Wall // Get my free Checklist of Steps for Escaping a 2 Handed Shirt Grab Against a Wall here:

A 2 handed shirt grab while being pinned up against a wall is almost like being attacked by two people! There is the person grabbing your shirt, and the wall is almost like another person holding you so you can’t move! This is a very intimidating position. It’s one bullies use on kids, you may have seen images of a bigger kid grabbing a smaller kid by the shirt and have him pinned against the lockers.

This is a self defense situation that is relatively simple to get out of, however, it might be so emotionally jarring that you might not think of what the best strategy is. So practice this move a lot. When you get more and more comfortable with the steps, increase the intensity. After awhile, you’ll be so used to the mechanics at high intensity, that the situation will no longer be that intimidating to you.

There are a variety of ways an attacker can pin you up against the wall. The 2 handed shirt grab variation is a common one, and a good one to start with. It’s also known as a collar grab or a lapel grab. We are, once again, using leverage mechanics in this self defense move. While we are throwing a strike, we are doing it precisely to get them to let go, so we can make our escape.
So this Basic Self Defense technique has 5 Steps:

1. Drop Into Base

2. Set up Step

3. Shuffle Steps

4. Knee to Release

5. Back Away

If you're ever wondering, "Where are some self defense classes near me?" You should definitely check to see what is offered in your community. Our videos serve as a reference and an intro, to hopefully prompt you to seek out face-to-face instruction.

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