How To Escape a Headlock with Punches

A headlock is a common street attack move. Generally, a headlock is control position. You'll want to turn your face towards the attacker, so your trachea doesn't get compressed. Once you've done that, the headlock isn't too damaging, although, it is uncomfortable, and annoying. Once the attacker starts throwing punches with the other hand, that is when this becomes a very dangerous situation. They could beat your face to a pulp, causing you serious injury. So, it is in our best interest to know how to defend and escape a headlock with punches. The bonus here is that I give you a strategy to try to de-escalate the situation, and at least make an attempt to stop the fight. Of course, in other tutorials, I will show you what to do if the fight persists, but a big theme of my self defense strategies is to escape and de-escalate. Many martial arts tutorials don't emphasize the de-escalation part of the techniques. So this martial arts technique has a few steps that you want to make sure you get down:
1. Manage the Punches
2. Pin the Arm
3.Create the Opening
4. Get Out
5. De-escalate

Take it slow. Each step of this self defense move has several layers of details to pay attention to. The headlock with punches is a very dangerous position to be in, so it requires some extra attention, to make it work. Practice slowly, get all the steps down, then eventually bring up the intensity, little by little.

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If you're ever wondering, "Where are some self defense classes near me, where I can learn this headlock with punches defense in person?" You should definitely check to see what is offered in your community. Our videos serve as a reference and an intro, to hopefully prompt you to seek out face-to-face instruction. In person instruction is the best. Make sure the martial arts school you choose is a good fit for you.

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