How to Defend Against the 2-Handed Front Choke

A 2-handed front choke is a common street attack move. Not only can it be a controlling move, but it can do some serious harm. Because the choke can constrict the carotid arteries (which are responsible for blood flowing to the brain), any number of things can happen. If the choke lasts for around 10 seconds, it could leave the victim unconscious. If the choke lasts for around 30 seconds, it could lead to brain damage. If the choke lasts for 60 or more seconds, it could lead to death. So to that end, It is a good idea to have the defense to this attack prepared. Many martial arts systems advocate a striking strategy to get out of this situation. While that might work, there is no guarantee. The attacker could be much bigger and stronger than you, where your striking strategy might get them even angrier and choke harder. They could be on chemical substances and not be receptive to pain. So the best thing we can advocate is a scalable strategy that works on everybody, that just gets you out of the situation. The leverage based principle from Jiu Jitsu is just that. This self defense technique works for children, women, and men.

The steps are:
1. Tighten the Neck
2. Get in Base
3. Get Out
4. De-Escalate

Practice it slowly at first. Just get the steps down. Then, when you feel more and more comfortable with the steps of the front choke defense, you can have your partner raise the level of intensity of the choke. Don't forget to make the crazy face!

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