Self Defense Technique Against a 2 Handed Shirt Grab

We have another tutorial on a classic Gracie Jiu Jitsu technique! It's a defense against a 2 handed shirt grab. There are more violent approaches, but we wanted to show you a more peaceful one that is about escaping through leverage mechanics, and trying to de-escalate the situation. Here is the YouTube link:

A 2 handed shirt grab is control and intimidation tactic that can lead to a potentially very violent situation. It is in your best interest to know this self defense move to escape the situation and possibly even de-escalate it. In one variation of this basic martial arts move in Jiu Jitsu, there is a follow up elbow strike. I opt not to do that, because if I can escape and have a chance to de-escalate the situation, I will. This is my philosophy on personal defense - to be able to get home safely. If I can do it by avoiding violence, I will always choose that path, first. Make no mistake, in home defense tactics, if your life is on the line, then yes, by all means, strike, kick, lock, choke, whatever you need to do. But if it doesn't need to go there, then I would strongly advise not to take it there.

So this Basic Self Defense technique has 4 + 1 Bonus parts:
1. Make Yourself Heavy
2. Arms Set Up
3. Legs Set Up
4. Break the Grip
5. (Bonus) Back Away
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