Focus on What is Right

...and then build from there.

This is not to say ignore the mistakes and errors. Certainly, one must be keenly aware of what those are.

But there is a difference between being keenly aware of one's mistakes/errors and dwelling on them.

It is very critical for success to acknowledge what is positive, what is right, and focus on building on that. 

Compare these two mindsets:

A. I messed up these parts. That was not good. *sigh* I guess I'll try again. I hope I don't mess up again.

B. That was pretty good - I got these things right! I just need to add these things next time. 

Which internal dialogue would you rather have? Which internal dialogue do you think is framed for success? 

To position yourself for success, it is important to look at what is right, and build from there.

This is how we teach at Austin Kung-Fu Academy, with children and adults. We are invested in everyone's success!