Safety Tip - Train Today So You Can Train Tomorrow

Whenever we train in martial arts, we have this image in our minds to become super effective and super proficient.

But what happens many times is we go so hard that we either:
A. Injure ourselves
B. Injure our partners

None of that does anyone any good.

What is required is the ability to hold back and do enough to be effective, but not so much that it is damaging.

This is very much a mindset. It is not so much if you have the ability to do it. It is entirely based on if you are willing to do it.

The ability to control oneself is the greatest attributes that martial arts training can provide.

The true process of mastery involves slowing down and developing sharp awareness of what your body is doing, and self-correcting along the way.

Once you know how to give plenty of energy without damaging yourself or your partner, you are on the path to mastery.