How To Make Kung-Fu and Jiu Jitsu Work Together

By now, it is no secret. We have incorporated Jiu Jitsu into Austin Kung-Fu Academy. 

It's actually a thing of beauty.

Let's look at this a little closer by asking a few questions. The first one, being, WHY?

Good question. Jiu Jitsu (and specifically, Gracie Jiu Jitsu) has been proven to be the most effective self defense system on the planet. Time and time again. It is scalable. No requirements of strength or athletic physical attributes, no age restrictions, and very energy efficient, so you don't need to be in amazing cardiovascular shape to be able to properly defend yourself using Gracie Jiu Jitsu.
It is also a comparatively non-violent self defense system, where you don't need to rely on aggressive punches or kicks to debilitate the opponent. 

OK, fine, but we're a Kung-Fu school, so are we abandoning all things Kung-Fu, then?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!! We are very much still doing all the stuff we've been doing with our Choy Lay Fut Kung-Fu style. With our Kung-Fu, we are learning good body mechanic principles, and developing a SENSE of combat. What I mean by that, is that we are striking at things, and blocking incoming attacks. That very idea gets us in the mindframe of how to deal with combat. We do it with pads, so it is all very safe, cooperative, and most of all, super fun! 
Developing the SENSE for combat is very important, because it puts you in the mindset of self defense, but in a self-directed, calm way.

Ummm, OK, so then why not just stay with Kung-Fu and not bother with Jiu Jitsu at all?

Fair question. Jiu Jitsu has a BETTER STRATEGY for self defense than Kung-Fu. Kung-Fu's strategy is one that is on the aggressive side, with striking, Sure, there are joint locks and takedowns, but those are all underlined in the aggressive mindset. The Jiu Jitsu mindset is to NEUTRALIZE FIRST!! Then CONTROL, and if it calls for it, then you submit them with a joint lock or choke. The mindset of Jiu Jitsu is radically different than Kung-Fu, and it's technical execution and curriculum reflect it in a very pure way. 
So while we do our punches and kicks in Kung-Fu to get a SENSE of combat, we do Jiu Jitsu to have the perfect strategy for self defense.

OK, then let's flip this around - why do Kung-Fu at all, and just focus on Jiu Jitsu 100% of the time? 

Well, you could do that at our school, if you wanted to, nothing wrong with that. However, learning how to strike properly with Punches and Kicks gives you a well rounded knowledge base for combat. And in Jiu Jitsu, we partner up, and have to emulate a street attacker, who's main purpose is to strike at you. So in order to make the Jiu Jitsu techniques effective, it's good to know how to punch and kick properly so that you can be a great, controlled partner for someone, because you understand how striking works.

Additionally, the Kung-Fu training process teaches you to train your ability to visualize your application. The ability to visualize is an aspect of training that can enhance your overall skill and effectiveness.

So the two arts, Kung-Fu and Jiu Jitsu can really complement each other, particularly if you are clear with our objectives for both. Kung-Fu teaches you about the principles of how to strike properly and develop a sense of combat, and Jiu Jitsu gives us the mindset and strategy we need for virtually all street self defense situations.