Why Bother?

Martial Arts first and foremost is a form of self defense. But if it is not very likely that you will ever get into a physical altercation, why bother learning it, and training in it?

First of all, you don't have as much control over that situation as you might think. It is an unfortunate daily occurrence - bad things happen to good people. 

You never know. It is insurance. You might not ever need it. But just in case, you have it, because you never know. Another way of saying it, in regards to self defense - it is better to know it and not need it, than it is to need it and not know it. 

One apprehension you might have is hearing stories that martial arts classes has you getting beaten up. Thus, it becomes a formalized way to receiving a beat down! This may very well be true at some martial arts schools. NOT OURS.

We work very cooperatively, slowly, and safely with each other. Our mantra is, "Just because we are learning to fight, doesn't mean we have to fight to learn." 

We are learning principles, concepts, strategies, positions of leverage that are universal and scalable to anybody of virtually any physical stature. The work has been done for us. Fighting situations have been studied, dissected, and analyzed. Technical curriculums have been developed based on the most common behaviors in altercations. 

Studying and training in this will give you the confidence to feel that regardless of who a potential opponent might be, you'll be okay. It is not a "get yourself all hyped up and be ready to explode" type of feeling. It's the opposite. It is a very calm and relaxed confidence, because what we teach is not aggressive. You learn to neutralize aggressive energy. You learn to gain control of aggressive energy without anyone getting hurt. And, you learn to defeat the opponent mentally, through a submission technique, where they are forced to give up.

So, why bother? Mainly because the more you do martial arts with us, you actually become even less inclined to get into an altercation than  you previously were!