Look, You Must Get Comfortable With the Closeness

We get it - getting in close to your attacker is not very comfortable. But, it is THE BEST strategy! 

Our personal space is very important to us. But when someone is violating your personal space in an effort to dominate you, get in even closer, and get control of the situation!

You are very hard to hit and attack when you are in close. You can escape/defeat opponents twice your size without being a "martial arts master", by simply getting in really close, and knowing a few techniques. 

If you develop comfort with the closeness, it gives you the ability to stay calm in worst case scenarios. Read that sentence again and again. 

Watch this video of one of our female students using highly effective self defense techniques, simply because she is comfortable with being close to her opponents. It offers her greater protection, leverage, control, and ultimately, dominance!