Evaluation Criteria

For our online make-up testing process, there is a 1-point deduction for each significant error. For promotion, you must score no more than 5 deductions, in order to pass. The evaluator will focus on the following four areas:

  1. STANCES - are the stances accurate, and done with conviction?

  2. HAND TECHNIQUES - are the hand techniques accurate and done with conviction?

  3. POWER - is there strong, loud, and powerful energy and spirit behind each technique?

  4. MEMORIZATION - are the requirements memorized thoroughly, where there is no hesitation?

If you amass more than 5 deductions, we will notify you of your shortcomings so that you may fine-tune your techniques and retest at a later date. If you have less than 5 deductions, the evaluator will recommend you for promotion. Once an Austin Kung-Fu Academy head instructor authorizes your promotion, we will have your new rank ready for you at our studio. In either case, we will return your test with a precise description of each error so that you can use the constructive feedback to sharpen the Kung-Fu skills. Keep in mind that this process gives you the opportunity to get personalized feedback from the Austin Kung-Fu Academy on your path to Kung-Fu mastery. So if you fail the first time around, try to appreciate the feedback rather than condemn your performance. We are committed to helping you achieve your Kung-Fu goals and truly earn the next rank based on performance at a high level!

Video Evaluation Fee: $50

Two or more instructors review every test submitted through Austin Kung-Fu Academy. These evaluators will provide in-depth personalized feedback detailing all deductions, providing notes for improving performance, and summarizing your general strengths and weaknesses. Your evaluation fee pays these instructors for the time and energy they expend assessing your skills and providing feedback to assist you on the path towards Kung-Fu mastery. You must pay the full evaluation fee each time you take a test. When you pass the test, you will receive your next belt, stripe, button, or pin (depending on what they qualify for, based on attendance).


Video Evaluation Process (VEP)

You will digitally record yourself conducting the test. Your video test must be under 5 minutes, and uploaded to YouTube. Then, copy and paste the YouTube link to the online registration form. Listed below are some important details regarding the video evaluation process:

  • Walk Through Pace While Calling Out Techniques: We want to see all the combinations called out, while doing them at a walk-thru pace.

  • Full Energy and Volume While Calling Out Techniques: We want to see all the combinations called out, while doing them with full speed, power, and energy.

  • Continuous Shot - NO EDITING OR CAMERA STOPPING: In order to test your true understanding of the techniques, you may not stop the camera at any time once the test has started. We will not evaluate your performance if you fail to shoot the test in one take.

  • Film the Details: We cannot give you credit unless we SEE the technique. Focus on effectively angling your body towards the camera so that we can clearly see the essential details of each move.

  • Do Not Film At Austin Kung-Fu Academy - the filming cannot be done at the Austin Kung-Fu Academy studio. No exceptions

  • If you pass your test, you may pick up your rank at Austin Kung-Fu Academy. If you do not pass, and you would like to retest, you will have to submit another payment and registration.

How To Upload a YouTube Video From Your Phone:

How to Copy and Paste Your Youtube Video Link:

(You will need to click on "Online Store", and then after that, click on "Products". From there, you will be able to add "AKFA Video Make Up Test" to your cart, and pay for it.)

After you have paid the fee, please fill out THIS FORM, and be sure to include the Authorization #, which will be on your emailed receipt, so, be sure to check your email after you make the payment. The video will not be graded if the Authorization # is incorrect.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for your results.